Friday, February 26, 2010

Grumpy Gus - Page 6 & 7

Almost halfway there (it's 16 pages long)! Here's pages 6 & 7:Here's a few early stages of the process, 1) pencil sketch (decided to add the chickens later) and 2) raw textures:


  1. Just to keep a record: got a comment from my Mom-in-law about Max looking too evil when he's supposed to look desperately helpless. I'm going to have another go at his eyes and mouth/teeth and see if I can make him a little less scary. Thanks MaShaw!

  2. I agree with mum - this spread is looking a bit too scary. I would definitely identify with Gus (and Max) more if they were desperately helpless (good choice of words)!

  3. This is the only page where texture and color overwhelm Max. Look at Max on the other pages: he's on yellow, he's on green, he stands out. Gus stands out nicely (and I understand he's Idea One) Color tweaking might be order so Max stands out against the dark fence, so he doesn't fight with his background so much.