Friday, August 30, 2013

Page 3 of My New Comic + Process

And here's page 3 of this as-yet untitled comic. At this point I think it would time shift to the beginning of the story to tell how we've gotten to this point...which I still have to figure out. I've written pages of stuff down but nothing in script form yet - I am getting kind of excited about it now and am thinking about how best to create & distribute. Anybody with experience/opinions on that kind of thing, I'd love to hear them - I'm thinking of trying to do it as a one-page-a-week web comic and see what comes of it.

The linework was drawn in Manga Studio 4EX and colorwork in Photoshop CS6. Here are some early thumbnails for this page (used legal paper and pencil!), followed by the roughs for anybody that's interested in seeing that kind of stuff:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Page 2 of My New Comic

So a long time ago I posted the first page of this comic here. I got busy with other stuff and wasn't really happy with how that page turned out, I left it to ruminate for awhile. So I flipped some stuff around and decided to try it out this way. I still have one more page in this little segment of a much larger story and I may take another left turn with that - these are sort of my process testers for when I go full bore into this. All feedback is welcome, after awhile it gets hard to tell what's working and what's not!