Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grumpy Gus - Page 1 Revision

Just so you know, I'm serious about taking criticism! Here's some revisions I made based on comments from my friend Elli. Changed the parent's shirt colors, colors of the door and room behind the door. Also added an actual Gus drawing "taped" to the door - would like to incorporate Gus artwork throughout. Let me know what you think!


  1. definite yes to the incorporation of little things from 'real' life. I have a friend whose 1st book had ll these refrigerator magnets on one page that were all references to her family-fun stuff when you know the author! But visually interesting as well.

    And Emily looks great in green-just saw her two days ago in that color!

  2. love it ! This looks great, also the next page.. Is Gus really that grumpy ? the one with the potty is so funny. I can hear your voice when I read the caption ! :)

  3. Thanks Elli, still need to change the colors on pages 2-3 to match. Yes, he can definitely be that grumpy and then some. There's a payoff at the end of the book, that reminds us he's not always grumpy but it can be hard to remember when he's throwing oatmeal across the room because he wanted cheerios instead!