Sunday, July 1, 2012

Superman, Krypto and Twitter

"I like pink very much, Krypto."
Colored version of one of the superhero drawings I did for Gus awhile ago. Also, I'm on twitter now! Still no Facebook, maybe I'll be able to stay in contact with some family and friends who only communicate via social networking now! Also, I entered this month's 11-Second Club animation competition, if you happen to be a member you can go through the submissions and vote for mine (they shuffle 'em up) until July 5th. I'll post the video here after voting's closed.


  1. Nice! I'd love to see an online painting tutorial or time lapse of your process one of these days to learn how to get such beautiful results!

  2. Aw, thanks Caroline! I've thought about doing something like that - not exactly sure how but I bet I could figure it out!