Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hedgehog Hiker T-Shirt Design

My wife runs a children's outdoor clothing company called Hedgehog Hiker and we collaborated on a t-shirt design recently. I designed her logo character a few years back and while learning some new things in Flash I animated the character wandering through our hometown of Portland. She took a stillframe and re-drew the elements to make it print-ready (and more stylish) and voila! It's pretty sweet and the fabric is really soft in case you're looking for a gift for that pre-schooler in your life - you can buy it direct from the artist here. Emily will have a booth at the Buckman Art Show & Sell to benefit the Buckman Arts Elementary School, so you can see her there on April 13th and 14th. Also, we were lucky enough to have an up-and-coming fashion model showing off the shirt (my niece, Mara - you go girl!)

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