Monday, August 15, 2011

Book Trailer Animation I did for Colin Meloy/Carson Ellis book, "Wildwood"

So a few months back at my day job, we were asked to do a book trailer for the upcoming YA novel "Wildwood", written by Colin Meloy (of Portland locals, The Decemberists) and illustrated by Carson Ellis (of amazing illustration). We got a small team together and figured a way to bring Carson's still images to life using Adobe After Effects. I got to do all the character animation (and even things like the cradle rocking and leaves growing), Jenny Kincade was the art director and Photoshop artist, Karl Richter handled compositing, Michael Corrigan was the editor and Aaron Sorenson directed the whole thing. It was a great deal of fun and I took to After Effects pretty well, I was just amazed by the things you could do with it and I only scratched the surface. Since this job, I've done quite a bit more AFX including a freelance job animating an entire e-book (of someone else's illustration) that I hope I can announce here soon. Hope you dig it, there's a lot to look at - I'm particularly proud of the deer!

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